Dealing with iPhone Program Crashes

iPhoneUnfortunately, iPhone’s programs can easily crash like the ones on your laptop or desktop computer. Just like a computer, iPhone program crashes can be quite frustrating. Sometimes, they are even more frustrating. Since people expect their smartphones to work properly all the time, crashes may lead to unnecessary and unwanted interruptions.

 When iPhone was quite new to the market, users reported crashes and fixes more frequently. Some of the most frequently affected programs were the iPod program, email and web browser. These days, most iPhones are stocked with numerous applications from the App Store.

 Due to this, iPhone program crashes are more frequent with third party apps. Although Apple has been trying hard to improve stability, third party apps are still unreliable. If you have been experiencing frequent program crashes on your iPhone, here are some tips you can use to deal with your problems.

Update Firmware 

 Apple’s firmware updates are responsible for improving the stability of your iPhone and adding more features. When you update firmware, it makes sure you’re using the latest version. It helps reduce unnecessary program crashes. It’s easy to check for new firmware, and update your iPhone.

Restart iPhone 

 Just like a regular laptop or desktop computer, sometimes you need to restart the iPhone to make it work better. When you restart the iPhone, some memory is freed up, and your phone might not crash again for a long time. Restarting your iPhone can also boost its speed and performance.

Update App 

 If a third party program has been causing the iPhone program crashes, rather than an application built in your iPhone, you can choose from a few options. First of all, you should check the App Store or iTunes to see if there’s an updated version of the application. If you can find a new version, you should install it on your iPhone. Most of the time, this can resolve the issue.

 In other occasions, applications might conflict with each other. This may lead to program crashes. If you come across such a problem, you should either uninstall or install applications one at a time until you find out the conflicting app. Once you find this application, remove it from your iPhone.

Wait for Updates

 In case you have taken all these steps, and they still don’t resolve your problem, you might be stuck with iPhone program crashes. The stability of iPhone programs on your iPhone is directly associated with the programs themselves. It is not much related to how you use an iPhone.

 In case your firmware has been updated, and restart does not resolve the issue, you need to wait for a third party or Apple to release new software. It is worth mentioning that you can easily report bugs to the developer via the official website. If you’re anxious to find a solution, this can be a great way to resolve the problem.

 iPhone program crashes can be unavoidable. If you have been experiencing issues often, you should take your iPhone to an Apple Store. Certified technicians may be able to resolve the problem.

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My Agonizing Car Accident

At this time, I tell you a bad experience in my life.

car drivingI saw it coming in slow motion towards me—a candy apple red Honda—and I instantly knew that we were headed for a collision. The driver in front had failed to see me inching into the virtually empty intersection, just a few feet behind the large van to my left. There was a sickening crunchy noise of striking metal and the haunting screeches of my brakes pressed upon me –albeit just a little too late! Surely, I went into a state of utter shock. My wife, who was sitting on the side, started making frantic calls—firstly to the police station and then to my brother. I vaguely recall a volunteer holding my loosely hanging neck in place and urging me to tell my name and blood group. I don’t remember answering him. Seriously, I was not capable of speaking out an alphabet at that time. The only thing that kept playing in my mind was the crash—a la a bad movie scene going back and forth on one scene.

I was then ushered into a private ambulance and rushed to a hospital for X-Rays and CT scans. I do remember the nauseating feeling of lying horizontally still in the speeding ambulance. I was struggling to keep myself calm and striving hard to avoid the aggravating images that kept coming to my head incessantly—forcing me to go through and relive the dreadful collision.

Once I regained consciousness, I remember my parents and brother staring down at me, grave worry writ all over their faces. My wife looked pale and absolutely sick. However, the prognosis was not as bad as expected. I had a hematoma of the size of a golf ball and a whiplash on the side of my head. I was advised to go in for a CT scan to find any symptoms for internal bleeding, though the chances were highly unlikely.

As I had blacked out for a significantly small amount of time since the event, I was indeed lucky! I was discharged after spending a number of hours at the hospital. But then, I was advised to use a neck-brace and went back home with a prescription that had enough sedatives to bring down a couple of racehorses. I was also told to take things easy for a while and help the muscles go about their attempts of release from spasm. I spent the rest of the week doing absolutely nothing. I was just too sick to do anything or go anywhere. It was frustrating….

As I recovered slowly, I wished that my car navigation system was better and more precise; this may have helped in avoiding the mishap. I later learned that the Honda had smashed directly into the front side of my vehicle, thus destroying the engine completely. My car audio was totally damaged too. It was then, that I first learned of this enterprising car insurance information site that helped me with a comprehensive car insurance plan–one that promised to provide better claims and easier monetary means of handling a similar situation in future.

I can now ensure that the next time I am behind the wheels, I am in much safer hands!

CleverPet – Keep Your Pet Busy and Enjoying

CleverpetCleverPet is a popular learning console that can teach your dog and keep him engaged. This pet item uses effective and scientifically proven techniques to offer various interactions that adapt to your dog’s needs. As your dog learns, the interactions grow more challenging. Moreover, these interactions can even take place when you are not home.

A lot of dogs are unengaged and bored when they are alone at home. This can lead to costly destructive behavior and separation anxiety. With CleverPet, your dog will be engaged, challenged and busy at the most basic learning level. A busy dog is always more happy, and does not show signs of negative behavior.

How Does It Work?

CleverPet uses high end algorithms based on studies related to behavioral science, and rewards your dog whenever he learns something new. This pet item has three sensitive touch pads. They light up very interactively. They have been specifically designed for your dog’s paw or nose.

When the dog touches the pads on this device, he will win food. The software used in this program constantly adapts to the pet’s needs. Moreover, you will be able to monitor your pet in real time from a remote location.


Designed for Your Pet – The device features durable rubber touch pads. It also features a low center of gravity so that your dog does not trip over. There are no bitable parts on the device. Moreover, the device also has a mic to sense dog barks.

Tuned to the Dog’s Senses – CleverPet has been specifically designed to suit your dog’s natural behaviors, like nosing, digging and pawing. The device includes sounds and lights designed for your dog’s abilities to hear and see.

Smart Bowl - CleverPet can also replace the dog’s food bowl. It can hold enough food to feed your dog until you get back home. This device is compatible with a wide range of dry food sizes. Thus, you won’t have to worry about your dog’s diet.

Remote Monitoring -

With CleverPet, you will be able to monitor the real time progress of your pet. You will be able to monitor the dog through the app and website. There will also be summaries of the dog’s learning behavior over time.

Wi-Fi and Spark - This device can be easily connected to other smart devices through a Wi-Fi connection. It is also Arduino compatible. You can easily write your own code. The company offers an easy to develop API. CleverPet allows your dog to spend a much better time at home when he is alone. When you are out of the place, your dog will be entertained, challenged and engaged. The company has used proven scientific principles to provide your dog with the best interactions and environment.

Although CleverPet can never replace you, it can still pick up from where you left off. The device can functions non stop without any interruptions. The best part is that it can be easily bought online at an affordable price. You just need to find a reputed dealer on the Internet to make a purchase.

Check Out This Great Item Locator

I have always been the forgetful type. There are more mornings than I care to remember that have been delayed due to being unable to find my keys or wallet. I am usually smart enough to leave an extra ten minutes or so to account for this last minute hunt but now and then it has made me late. My friends and coworkers have always joked that I should have my keys attached to me at all times. It was a funny idea but in all honesty it might have been useful! Thankfully, I have now found something even better. It is called iFind and it is a brand new item locator.ifind

When I first came across iFind it was the coolest idea I had heard, like something out of a movie. It is a tiny little tag about the size of a coin which can easily attach to items like bags, wallets or keys. It is very lightweight. The amazing part is that the tag synchronizes with either an Apple or Android smartphone. When the accompanying app is activated on the smartphone then the item locator tag emits a loud alarm sound. It has a range of about 200 feet which means that even in a large building it is possible to locate a lost item quickly and easily.

Another cool feature of the app is known as the ‘rope’ feature. This allows users to set an acceptable range for items to be away from their smartphone. If your tagged item is out of that range then your phone automatically alerts you. If you left your tagged item at a friend’s house then you would know about it before you stepped out of the door rather than realizing in a panic after getting home!

I was convinced that this was something I needed in my life and something that would help me get to meetings on time. The only downside I could see was that it would be a nightmare remembering to charge the tag each and every evening. Turns out I did not need to worry. The tag uses a revolutionary power generating method utilizing electromagnetic energy currents which it is then able to store without the need for a battery. This saves a lot of time and money as there is no need to either replace spare batteries or remember to charge the tag each and every evening. After all, a forgetful guy like me would never remember to do that!

The iFind item locator has helped me to feel punctual for the first time in my life. Not only that but whenever my friends see it in action they ask about where I got it and comment on how cool it is. I never knew that my inability to remember where my keys are would result in me receiving interest from my friends and coworkers! The only downside is that I am never able to use the ‘I forgot my keys’ excuse for being late again. I will just have to use all the time I have saved hunting for my keys to think up a range of new excuses!